past event

The Devil Wears Prada Live in Singapore

28 Jan 2014

about the band

The Devil Wears Prada is the musical embodiment of a generational shift; creating heavy, melodic and genre-defying music while honing their live performance since the days they had to skip class to tour. The metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio is one of the most influential bands in their genre today. With their latest release, 8:18, The Devil Wears Prada cement their status as a band who have not only weathered the pressures of early, youthful popularity, but grown into masters of their craft.

From album packaging to merchandising, from video production to stage lighting, The Devil Wears Prada are hands-on and pay excruciating attention to detail to ensure they always deliver their best, that their overwhelming passion will endure. They push themselves to create a lasting work that inspires, empowers and challenges, in equal measure. "We're not kids who just want to hit the road and see where this goes," adds DePoyster. "We're making a conscious choice to do this because we love it."

The Devil Wears Prada is unwavering in their commitment to each other, their fans, their art, and their desire to engage through their electrifying live performances. The emotion remains sincere, the musicianship supreme.

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