past event

The Maine Live in Singapore

13 Sep 2013

about the band

Hailing from Phoenix Arizona, The Maine quickly gained a strong following for their fresh and infectious pop rock numbers after forming in early 2007.

With the momentum of their first release, The Maine dropped Black and White in the summer of 2010. It was instantly clear that what the group had was something special – it was this release that the fans and industry started to see their growth and maturity expand as creative artists and musicians.

Breaking away from the pop punk days, the band's latest release Forever Halloween takes a darker and self-reflective route, and may be their best effort to date.

“Playing live is the reason we exist. The energy that we feel on stage is usually a result of what we are feeling from our fans. It’s just us conveying our experiences and feelings through our presence, and thriving off of the response we get”, says guitarist Jared Monaco.

With support act A Sleepless Melody from Australia.

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