past event

The Sweet Collision featuring Mayday Parade & Eyes Set To Kill Live in Singapore

06 Jul 2011
*SCAPE Warehouse

about the band

Formed in 2004 by sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, Eyes Set To Kill has quickly become one of the most talked about groups in the scene after the group’s previous efforts garnered them significant critical acclaim. With expectations from fans and critics at peak levels for their upcoming album, “White Lotus”, everyone is watching Eyes Set To Kill.

For the past four years, the members of Tallahassee, Florida's Mayday Parade have been perfecting their unique brand of pop-inflected punk rock, a process that is currently culminating with the release of their major-label debut Anywhere But Here. The album shows how versatile Mayday Parade are, a fact that has endeared the band to fans all over the world and helped them forge their own niche in the rock community.

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