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An Acoustic Night with This Wild Life

15 Feb 2015
Timbre @ The Substation

about the band

Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso knew the punk rock rulebook backwards and forwards. The duo behind This Wild Life grew up doing exactly what’s expected of kids growing up in the tightknit DIY scene in Long Beach – avoiding MTV and the radio, attending punk shows at Chain Reaction, the ear gauges, the tattoos. And of course, they started their own pop-punk band. They played fast, they played loud and they didn’t stand out from the crowd until they did the least “punk” thing possible. It was also bolder than anything in the punk rock rulebook: they got quiet.

Recorded with Aaron Marsh of Copeland, This Wild Life’s debut LP Clouded maintains the core attributes of their sound – Jordan’s vulnerable, expressive lyrics, DelGrosso’s nimble fingerpicking – while pushing themselves towards more ambitious sounds. “We tried out a string section, a female vocalist, pianos, different kinds of guitars, we didn’t want to limit ourselves,” Jordan notes. In contrast to the harsh music that This Wild Life grew up on, Jordan finds inspiration for his vocals outside the hardcore punk world. “Sara Bareilles is one of my favorites. Maybe people wouldn’t expect that. Or maybe they would,” he laughs. Clouded also bears the influence of electro-indie acts such as Daughter as well as pop-punk titans such as Paramore, whose self-titled record was This Wild Life’s favorite of 2013.

This Wild Life


4 years ago, we at Upsurge started our little dream of putting together live shows and leaped into the deep end of the pool with barely nothing but a shared love for music. Since then we've done 19 concerts, made lifelong friends, cried tears of joy (and frustration), and gained so many experiences that led us to who we are today... But throughout this entire journey we wouldn't have done it without YOU!

It's our turn to thank you, so come join us for a special acoustic night out with American acoustic duo This Wild Life on Sunday February 15th at Timbre @ The Substation, with 3 of our very own local talents Linying, JAWN and ORANGECOVE! Entry is free of charge, based on a first come first serve basis.

Delicious food, great music, the best company, and happy hour all night long. There's no where else you should be on that Sunday night!


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